Humanoid at Manon bis

Humanoid - expressive, creative, authentic, but always functional and contemporary.

Dutch cult label Humanoid has remained faithful to its DNA since it first emerged in 1981, with founders Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens always choosing their own course. 

In the words of Sandra Harmsen, "the label can almost be likened to a wonderful person – a character with both feet firmly on the ground who feels comfortable in her own skin. She gets on with things but above all has a good time. Humanoid is about freedom, quality and the “here and now”. Every collection originates from our perception of freedom and the feel of the materials we choose; the way they drape, move and behave when treated and how they feel when caressing the skin. Every collection is a continuation of the previous one."

A large luxurious wrap scarf has come to symbolize the Humanoid feel. It’s been a staple in in every collection since the very start. 

The Humanoid style stems from their choice of materials - typically earthy, feminine, comfortable and contemporary. Using soft, lush fabrics such as fine wool, tactile cotton, crisp linen, soft poplin, suede and leather; quirky, natural fabrics which make their clothes come alive. Each garment and its chosen fabric are treated to achieve a unique look, using special washing techniques and dyeing methods such as garment dyes and cold dyes to create materials that often appear to be worn and washed. Their individual pieces benefit from layering – which in itself is integral to the distinctive Humanoid look.


Uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend, Humanoid is for women who love comfort and luxury. 

Women who are used to making their own decisions. 

Stylish people who make life special.