Our favourite home stylists - Oliver Gustav Studio


We love everything that comes out of the Oliver Gustav studio which is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant whose focus is on "artisanal and holistic interiors", known especially for sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces. The rooms he curates are often textural and calming, with simple and clean lines, punctuated with gorgeous one off pieces made of wood, stone, linen and ceramic. Oliver Gustav's incredibly stylish signature look is a Manon bis favourite. 

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Our favourite home stylists - Carolyn Quartermaine

Carolyn Quartermaine


One of Europe’s great talents, Carolyn Quartermaine is a multidisciplinary artist with work in painting, interior design, textiles, styling and curation. There is such beauty in Carolyn’s work and style and her home truly reflects her art. Soft pastels and watercolors, beaded chandeliers, concrete and epoxy floors and rusty metals, and always this signature boho-chic style from the much-lauded designer.

We revel in her superb, timeless and classical designs, whether it's in her home in the south of France, in London's Sketch restaurant or as the artist-in-residence at the Musée Fragonard in Grasse on the French Riviera.

I am a painter. The fabrics and designs are all distillations of the paintings and marks and explorations I make as an artist. – Carolyn Quartermaine

Our favourite home stylists - Jacqueline Morabito

Jacqueline Morabito


Between architecture, design, decoration, silverware, sculpture and topiary art, Jacqueline Morabito is a prime example of the creative soul. 


So clean and spare, yet warm and welcoming, these interiors highlight how individual and inspiring decorating with white can be!! They are all done by the wonderful French designer Jacqueline Morabito who is known for her minimalist interiors. 

Her favourite materials are wood, stone, concrete, whitewash, plaster, terracotta, fabrics, earthenware, blown glass, plant-life… 


Her range of furnishings is recognizable for its signature dimensions (7 and multiples of 7) and its clean lines. Her choice of colours, white and shades of white, offers enchanting plays of light while underscoring her taste for simplicity and serenity.

This original designer is constantly on the move.
For Jacqueline freedom is the very essence of creativity. She couldn’t live without it.

Thats why Jacqueline is one of our favourite souces of inspiration at Manon bis!



Here are some of our favourite Jacqueline Morabito inspired pieces.

Maison Lévy Cushion - Isla De Rio
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Travel the world with Bird and Knoll at Manon bis

Treavel with Bird and Knoll.jpg

Wanderlust is the driving force and inspiration behind our newest addition to Manon bis,  Bird and Knoll. With a focus on luxury and quality fabrics and finishes, their thoughtful attention to detail and function create timeless and effortless pieces for any journey and any occasion – a tactile touching point between you and your adventures – pure escapism. 

Enjoy some armchair travel with the glorious scarves by Bird and Knoll 



 Where to stay: Park Hyatt                         Where to eat: The Apollo                           Where to shop: 23 Albert                         



Where to stay: Fresh Hotel                            Where to eat: Kuzina                                  Where to shop: Luisa

Burano - Laundry Day Scarf by Bird & Knoll
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Where to stay: Fairmont Chateau                  Where to eat: Bearfoot Bistro                    Where to shop: Leone



Where to stay: Arthotel Blaue Gans          Where to eat: Kristian’s Monastiri              Where to shop: Park                                     



Where to stay: J.k. Place Firenze                  Where to eat: Gurdulù                               Where to shop: Luisa via Roma

Venice - Light Me Up Scarf by Bird & Knoll
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Where to stay: L’hôtel                              Where to eat: Latitude 31                                Where to shop: The Souks

Manon bis Inspiration - Call Me by Your Name


If there’s an air of timeless sophistication about Luca Guadagnino’s swooning coming-of-age romance, Call Me by Your Name, it surely stems from the grand 17th-century mansion where the majority of the story unfolds.

The film is both a faithful adaptation of André Aciman’s 2007 novel and a personal love letter to the Lombardian countryside where the Italian filmmaker lives. 

We love everything about this film; the music, the performances, the story and of course the absurdly gorgeous Villa Albergoni where the majority of the film is set. 

To celebrate Guadagnino's instant classic, we thought we would share our favourite spaces in Villa Albergoni and pair them with a selection Manon bis' favourite Italian summer and designer pieces.

Manon bis goes green!

This Christmas Manon Bis is going green! 🎄But with a difference!

We're now stocking a selection of lush leafy creations of indoor & outdoor plants in gorgeous colour combinations. Naturally they're green and beautiful AND you'll also find them planted in our favourite vintage pots or tubs.

Whether you’re living in an apartment or a house potted plants are a fantastic addition to any home and decor. Not only will they add to the aesthetic of your space, by softening furnishing and adding splashes of colour to your decor but pot plants have also been proven to increase oxygen levels, reduce dust, keep the temperature down and improve your focus. 

So drop by to see our latest green creations and treat yourself or someone special to a truly unique Christmas gift, and enjoy a cool, green summer ahead. 

To inspire you in going green too, we thought we'd post some of our favourite green inspired interiors and courtyards. Have a happy green Christmas 🎄

We also have a great home styling service, if you would like to inquire about our award-winning DIA interior designer coming and styling your home, please give us a call on  03 9521 1866 or fill out an enquiry form below.



Melbourne-based company Aesop has strived to create luxurious products for the skin, hair and body since 1987, recently celebrating their 30th birthday.

Founded out of a small Armadale salon Aesop has redefined the way we think about luxury skin, body and hair-care and defied common business wisdom to become an inimitable global player.

Although Aesop started from humble beginnings today their stores are at the forefront of international retail design, both locally and internationally. To help celebrate Aesop turning 30, we thought we'd show some of our favourite Aesop store interiors from around the world. 

With much excitement Aesop launched its Aromatique Room Sprays with three extraordinary scents. The sprays, which were developed over two years, use high-quality botanical extracts that ensure the fragrance, once sprayed, is enduring and rich. 


Istros - A union of enlivening florals and Tobacco, Istros stimulates the atmosphere with aromas of the bazaar

Olous - A blend of citrus botanicals, balanced by breaking waves of Cedar and the refreshing spice of Cardamom.

Cythera - A veil of Geranium and Incense, lent symmetry by woody Patchouli and the warmth of Myrrh.



Aesop has also launched Toothpaste Dentrifice which is a plant-based, fluoride-free toothpaste, delicately flavored with sea buckthorn, cardamom, sea salt, anise fruit, tea tree, clove flower oil, and even wasabi…to reinvigorate and refresh your mouth.


We're thrilled to announce that Manon bis is now stocking these glorious new products in-store. Drop by to experience more of the wonderful world of Aesop. 

Astier De Villatte’s Marvellous Olfactory Journey


It was a meeting with Françoise Caron, a superstar in the world of perfume, that launched this fantastic odyssey into aromatic cities and convinced Ivan Pericoli, Benoît Astier de Villatte and their associate Emilie Mazeaud to begin creating luxury perfumed products.

Thus, since 2008, beauty products, colognes, incense and a whole collection of perfumed candles have been created, on the unique theme of an olfactory world tour. It’s quite a challenge: capturing the real or imagined perfume of iconic locations in candles made from the best raw materials. For example, the biting freshness of the stall of green herbs in Mantes-La-Jolie, the delectable breath of wild breath of wild jasmine in Algiers, the fragrance of lemon tree leaves mixed with the woody note of the great cedars in the garden of the Villa Medici, all of which are bestsellers.

Today, the fortunate team – on one side the Astier de Villatte group, Benoît, Ivan and Emilie, and on the other the Takasago perfumes and, new to the adventure, Christophe Raynaud, the renowned Firmenich perfumer – are already leading us towards new and enchanting destinations. 

Take a tour with us of some of the exotic and marvellous world that is Astier de Villatte.


Rue Saint Honoré. Late afternoon. The boutique door opens on to the asphalt of Old Paris. An enticing scent immediately floods the premises. A powdery cloud, a few delicate green notes and a jasmine rose accord merge deliciously with the amber and leather atmosphere.                                                                                                                

Commune de Paris-Astier-de-Villatte-Manon-bis.jpg

Commune de Paris. Gusts of citrus fruit, sharp and alive; lemons from Italy, bergamot and scented geranium all invade the air. Suddenly it’s the calm after the storm. A delicious, warm, sweet and slightly powdery mist rises from the cobblestones. Suave styrax resin and nutmeg are joined by the scent of green almonds from coumarin, the celebrated molecule of the age.                                          


Hollywood. A new mythical fragrance rises over Sunset Boulevard: a delicate dusting of iris and patchouli leads us down the yellow brick road of Hollywood studios, blending with the sunny cedarwood, eucalyptus and vetiver scents of Southern California’s luxuriant vegetation.                                                                                                        


Provincetown. Endless sandy beaches and wild vegetation surround the New England artist enclave of Provincetown. Intoxicating fresh air and sea mist combine with the scents of wild berries, beach grass, wintergreen and cedar that have grown for millennia around the dunes and salty marshlands.

Grand Chalet.  Lost in Swiss Alpine pastures, at the heart of a small and peaceful village, stands the imposing and magnificent wooden structure of the Grand Chalet. It was here, in this unique landscape with its healing climate, that the painter Balthus made his home, enchanted by the fragrances of milk, honey and hints of citrus from the ancient lime trees that surrounded his studio. Today, like a wonderful memory, his favourite perfume fills this place once again.

Grand Chalet. Lost in Swiss Alpine pastures, at the heart of a small and peaceful village, stands the imposing and magnificent wooden structure of the Grand Chalet. It was here, in this unique landscape with its healing climate, that the painter Balthus made his home, enchanted by the fragrances of milk, honey and hints of citrus from the ancient lime trees that surrounded his studio. Today, like a wonderful memory, his favourite perfume fills this place once again.                          


Cabourg. It was here, under the flowering arbors of the gardens of the Grand Hôtel, in the heart of this elegant seaside resort on the Normandy coast, that Marcel Proust wrote Within a Budding Grove. A delectable aroma of wisteria and a whiff of creamy jasmine accented by the freshness of ocean spray permeate this timeless vacation spot.

Villa Médicis-Astier-de-Villatte-Manon-bis.jpg

Villa Médicis. Along the length of the artists’ workshops, with their large windows opening over the rooftops of Rome, run the majestic gardens of the Villa. A centre for encounters and for meditation, the residents delight in the subtle fragrances of lemon tree leaves, lavender and oregano flowers. The air thrills with the woody aroma of the tall cedars nearby, and the inexpressible fragrance of the ancient stones in the heat of the sun.

Alger.  A North African city with Parisian overtones. Whitewashed Haussmanian facades, Persian blinds painted blue, overwhelming heat, a touch ofsulphur in the air. From trembling arcades rise delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and bitter orange with its acidic notes spiced with a hint of chilli.

Alger. A North African city with Parisian overtones. Whitewashed Haussmanian facades, Persian blinds painted blue, overwhelming heat, a touch of sulphur in the air. From trembling arcades rise delicious perfumes of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and bitter orange with its acidic notes spiced with a hint of chilli.


Namche Bazar. Black tea with a touch of tobacco, dry hay, slightly smoky. Patchouli, South American maté and musk can also be identified. The incense vapours mix with the soft, fresh verbena and aromatic lavandin.                                                                                                                                         


Stromboli. An enchanting stop ashore a legendary island: Stromboli, with its rivers of lava and fire, tufts of white smoke and black sand beaches. From the sunny alleys of Ginostra, a small fishing town with dazzling white houses, take a walk uphill towards the volcano, among the lemon, bigarade orange and olive trees: their smell is intoxicating, an intense mix of citrus fruits mixed with warm thyme, coriander, and jasmine, vibrating together in the scorching air.                                                   


All handmade and celebrating the beauty of imperfection, Astier de Villatte's collections are something truly special to have in your home. Visit us in-store to experience this most extraordinary world.

A very Happy Birthday to Tsé & Tsé's April Vase

The iconic Tsé & Tsé April Vase was designed by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991. Made up of 21 tubes, this distinctive vase is inspired by Japanese ikebana. Its shape is adaptable and enables each flower to be isolated and therefore glorified, with metallic rings slotting together providing infinite flexibility of flower arrangements. An immediate success in France, the United States, and Japan, it joined the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou in 1997. The April Vase remains one of the era’s most enduring icons.  

Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the April Vase, founders Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy invited a group of artists to make a series of works inspired by their iconic vase. With over thirty artists involved in the project from painters to photographers, potters, writers and sculptors, the end result is an eclectic and beautiful exhibition with wonderful interpretations of the vase. The exhibition opened last month at Merci Merci in Paris, and will soon head to Tokyo, Los Angeles and Dubai. If you're travelling to any of these cities over the next few months make sure to see this extraordinary collection.

Below are some of our personal favorites from this inspiring and heartfelt exhibition.

Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition - Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis
Tsetse Exhibition- Manon Bis

We Love Loom!

We love Loom Towels, not only are they stunning, using incredible colours and beautiful textures, they are 100% GOTS certified Organic, meaning they are sustainable, ethical and fair-trade from start to end.

Loom Towels_Manonbis

Founder Mikala James designs all her collections in Melbourne, creating exclusive small editions of 75-150 pieces in each. She has spent the past 5 years working with one of the last remaining family-run workshops in Southern Turkey, who still practice traditional hand-looming. Every loop that is stitched into these towels embeds hundreds of years of tradition, keeping alive historic and time-honoured techniques while breathing new life into them.

Loom Towel_Manonbis

The end result is incredibly soft and effortlessly striking and best of all is that Loom Towels are maintaining traditional practices while using exciting contemporary designs. As you can probably tell we're obsessed with these divine creations - and hope you will love them just as much as we do!

This season's collection is now available at Manon bis, drop in and we'd love to help you make your selection from this glorious range, or shop online here.


Manufacture de Digoin

We’re over the moon to receive a beautiful range of stoneware from Manufacture de Digoin. The company has been crafting traditional stoneware at their factory in the Burgundy region since 1875, and recently has been revived by Corinne Jordan Gros. 


When Manufacture de Digoin’s wheels stopped spinning, Corinne Jordan Gros, fascinated by the traditional French brand, took the leap to purchase the business and restore the ovens and production facilities.

Corinne’s mission is to approach traditional production in a creative contemporary manner, introducing new colours and more refined shapes - but still keeping the heritage and aesthetic of the brand.

We have a stunning array of colours here at Manon bis. The colours have been designed to sit harmoniously with each other as a set. Choose from blue, yellow, white and black.

Just perfect!

Ceramic pieces by Brickett Davda

A beautiful, simple collection of hand-made tableware.

Inspired by a very English palette Brickett Davda's colours reflect the grey and blue tones of the British coast and countryside. Every piece is hand crafted, pressed into a mould by hand rather than thrown on a wheel, so within each item there are singular variations resulting in a unique piece to cherish. With its natural earthenware base and soft, subtle glazes mix the colours together to create a work of art for your home.

Spoil yourself or loved ones this Christmas with some of the worlds best ceramics! 

To secure your favourite piece, please call 03 9521 1866 - these will be flying out the door!

Eau de Parfum by Maison Louis Marie

The subtly scented and tastefully designed collection of Maison Louis Marie continues to draw us in with their distinguished scents!

In our new arrivals is their fabulous new Eau de Parfum collection including the much sought after Bois de Balincourt fragrance!

“Each scent from my collection represents a person, place or memory of my family and childhood that is created through blends of notes that utilise vast arrays of the botanical world”. 

Shop these divine scents in our candles, perfume oil and now their Eaux de Parfum in-store and online at www.manonbis.com.au

Murano, the home of Nason Moretti

The renowned Venetian glass maker Nason Moretti was founded in 1923. Aiming to create elegant, refined and enduring design, they are one of the most important and sought-after heirs to craftwork traditions, developed on the island of Murano many centuries ago where their master craftsmen still make their glass today.

You can see the source of their inspiration when visiting the exquisite island of Murano, with its picturesque streets and canals of colourful architecture. 

Nason Moretti create pure, clean forms enhanced by contrasting white and coloured surfaces, which in turn introduce an original touch of cool elegance in virtually any environment.

We've just received some beautiful new glassware in a spectacular selection of colours. Come by Manon bis and see these glorious masterpieces and take a little piece of Italy home with you. 


We received an extremely exciting delivery today! Introducing Apuntob. With the belief that clothing is a way of life, a true representation of self; Apuntob creates timeless pieces that embrace simplicity. Effortless forms and rich textures define this collection. Apuntob stitches thought and care into every detail, creating a brand that is distinctive and full of life. “The goal is not to dress, but to live.” - A.B

Come by the store and feel these amazing fabrics. A really fantastic brand.

Manon bis Edit: The Basket

There’s just something romantic about a basket! We can't get enough of them!!!

The weaving of baskets is as old as the history of man. Traces of baskets have been found in the Egyptian pyramids, and woven basket liners have left their impressions inside the fragments of ancient pottery.

What we love about the beautiful basket ... the look and texture add so much to a room ... Use them as storage solutions in any room. Simply stunning!

Take a look at our basket page on Pinterest. Or shop our range in-store & online.

Woven Baskets
from 45.00

Simple and Classic – The White Shirt

Nothing is more classic than a simple white shirt. The most timeless wardrobe piece you’ll ever own.

Throughout the history of fashion the button-down shirt has appeared in slight variations, but it's always versatile, current and enhances your own personal style.

We’ve gathered our favourite looks of fashion icons and their quintessential white shirt looks; from Princess Diana to Audrey Hepburn, to Françoise Hardy to Carolina Herrera. 

Simple and classic - we love it! Come into the store to see some of our lovely white shirts!

Images via Pinterest 

New Henry Dean

"It is because hands have made them that people always want to touch them..."        

For almost 30 years Belgian glass designer Henry Dean has been creating inspirational glassware for collectors all around the world.

Revel in his latest designs at Manon bis, we have blues, roses, greys and the most amazing shimmer colour. Each is a unique, handmade one-off art piece to treasure. This collection is extremely limited - if you would like to secure a piece, please give us a call, or come by the store to see the collection.

New French inspired furniture

Some beautiful French inspired antique and vintage furniture pieces have arrived in-store.

Our vintage tables have been carefully hand-picked and restored in delicate chalk paint shades ... now in the shop for you to enjoy! All are for sale in-store and online.


Above: Gorgeous French Antique 2 piece Dresser/Cabinet with a generous storage space and shelves underneath.
This is a must see piece! Perfect for a kitchen, lounge, bedroom or bathroom. Stylish storage!
Dimensions: H - 92cm, top shelf 140cm, L - 200cm, W - 69cm

Above: Pair of Vintage side tables

A gorgeous little pair of side tables featuring a lovely and minimal wooden decorative frame throughout the design, a painted matte finish. Restored beautifully at Manon bis.

Dimensions: H - 46cm, W - 45 cm
$260 for a pair

Above:  Vintage Gate-fold Table

A classic vintage extendable Gate-fold table with drop-down sides. Stunning legs and edges make this restored beauty a must have for entertainers. The versatility of this table along with its timeless appeal make it a favourite here at Manon bis.

Dimensions: H - 76cm, W - 90 cm, L - 150cm extended

Above: This classic country style table has stunning tapered legs and edges and features a single drawer neatly tucked away. The versatility of this table along with its timeless appeal makes it simply a must-have for your home!

Dimensions: H - 75cm, W - 74 cm, L - 138 cm