Bird & Knoll                                             Bird & Knoll is the meeting of a fashion mind and a creative eye. Season after season, the Bird & Knoll captures the hedonism and escapism of travel through their beautifully wearable and thoroughly versatile pieces. Each limited edition collection exhibits a kaleidoscope of colour and local flavour, which plays to a universal desire for adventure and wanderlust.                                                       

Manuelle Guibal                                 Parisian designer Manuelle Guibal founded her eponymous line in 1991. All garments are individually dyed and processed by historic mills in the French countryside. Further fabric manipulations result in a soft transformation often desired in a starched linen or crisp cotton. Comfort is paramount to Guibal’s collection, with its easy and unadorned luxury. 


Mapoésie                                           Mapoésie creations by Elsa Poux are an invitation to journey into time and space, by way of colours working in harmony and with expert knowledge of motifs and materials. Inspired by ethnic cultures  Mapoésie designs are exotic and bold, with one design referencing the robe of an African king, Kuba, and another referencing a map of the Mayan sky. 

Humanoid’s identity is simple, yet unique, it's stylish, timeless and easy to wear. Each collection's unique, soft colors, fabrics and special details make the label Humanoid what it is and what it has been for over 30 years. A button or a zipper in an unexpected place? Ah, you’re wearing Humanoid!                                                           

My Sunday Morning                                       Is a generous, lavish and delicate collection. A sense of awakening is invoked through delicate stitching and airy, flowing designs using light and transparent fabrics. Virginie Guarisco reconnects with her Australian roots giving us essential & creative fashion in a simple way.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Unique to the brand is the scarf collection, which features a wide selection of designs in luxurious wool, silk, modal, cashmere and cotton qualities with unique hand-drawn prints offered in an abundance of colour choices.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sofie d’Hoore
Sofie d’Hoore’s creations define elegance, craftsmanship and the balance that exists between complexity and simplicity. Her distinctive separates combine to create an uncomplicated statement whilst conforming to the overall minimalist aesthetic that underpins her collections.  

KristenseN du Nord
KristenseN du Nord is about passion – a passion for fabrics. Since its beginning in 1996 and still today, KristenseN du Nord is hand-made with perfectionism by skilled Italian craftsmen using luxurious ‘ready-to-wear and wash’ fabrics such as cotton, cashmere and natural raw silk. Each garment is truly an exclusive piece of art and craftsmanship.                                          

Ottod’Ame                                                  Ottod'ame translates to “Eight Women” in Italian, referencing their eight women strong design team, that have a great interest in classic silhouettes that flatter the female body. Boasting a luxurious Made in Italy appeal, Ottod’ame offers the highest quality artistry and uses the finest materials and fabrics in all of its statement pieces.    

Born in Aix-en-Provence, designer Matthieu Leblan of Sundry—the quirky, USA-made casual-wear line—now calls Venice Beach home. Drawing inspiration from the colorful landscape of his birthplace and the eclectic flair of SoCal, Leblan put it best when he said Sundry clothes are made to “live, travel and love in.”                                                                                                       

The elegant leather accessories from Canada’s m0851 blend minimalist design with urban artistry. An m0851 bag is distinctive in look and feel using only the finest quality leathers. They’re as functional as they are refined, beautiful as they are durable, blending art, design, fashion and style                                                                  

Chinti and Parker 
Founded in 2009 by cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood, Chinti and Parker has fast established itself as a leading British luxury ready-to-wear label, renowned for simple, wearable clothing that combines superlative craftsmanship with timeless style.


Numero 74                                                Numero 74 is a beautiful textile, fashion and party collection range.  At it’s heart is a deep desire to keep childhood dreams alive by adding a bit of poetry and beauty to their daily life, and to let their imagination run free. This Italian brand was founded by two cousins. Their love of Thailand led them to source their workmanship from a women’s cooperative that helps provide women with a steady income and source of employment.                                                  

forte_forte                                           Designed and produced in Italy by brother and sister Giada and Paolo Forte, forte_forte is a complete womenswear collection made of very delicate, feminine pieces, characterized by sophisticated exclusive Italian fabrics, rich in special finishings and lovely hand-made details. Every collection tells a fascinating story that always speaks about feelings and emotions…

Fine Paris                                                  Fine Paris is simplicity, modern and essential. Each creation is a fusion of Parisian elegance with beautiful craft and purity. At the heart of each collection are fine materials and exceptional luxury.                                                                 


Faliero Sarti
Since 1949, Lanificio Faliero Sarti, located in Campi Bisenzio between Florence and Prato, has produced fine quality fabrics for haute couture and prêt-a-porter.
Each Faliero Sarti scarf is created from the most exquisite natural fibres – wool, angora, cashmere, silk and linen, woven together with time-honored traditions of love and exquisite craftsmanship.                                                             

Hoss Intropia
Dreams are made of this… The Hoss Intropia woman is not afraid to dream big. She’s talented, passionate, spirited and strives to make each day even more special than the last. Exceptional quality, attention to detail, original prints and unique femininity are the essence of this truly inspirational collection.


ApuntoB                                                   With the belief that clothing is a way of life, a true representation of self; Apuntob creates timeless pieces that embrace simplicity. Effortless forms and rich textures define this collection. Apuntob stitches thought and care into every detail, creating a collection that's distinctive and full of life. “The goal is not to dress, but to live.” - A.B                                        

Italian fashion brand Pomandère evokes an image of a charming and nostalgic character perfectly mixed with contemporary style. Created by Carlo Zanuso, his collections reflect soft, comfortable and timeless designs – a constant feature of the Pomandère brand.                                           

The iconic French brand Bensimon has been a part of everyday life for more than 25 years and is founded on a spirit that is timeless, casual and inspired by the travelling world. The amazing colours and limited edition liberty prints of the ever-popular Bensimon Tennis Shoe are worn by celebrities all over the world. Julia Roberts, Nathalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts are fans as are we.

Combining a Mongolian nomadic heritage with the creativity of London - Oyuna takes cashmere beyond the realm of traditional knitwear by creating innovative, timeless and luxurious designs. Minimal soft textures add warmth and colour for years to come.

0039 Italy
More than a brand. Its playful spirit – of joie de vivre – and its cosmopolitan style is always a little unconventional. With a passion for detail using only Italian materials, production takes place in Portugal and Italy. 0039 Italy has turned the conventional blouse into an elegant and modern centerpiece for style.

120% lino
120% lino is a brand for every season with an understated style and natural elegance. Made from the highest quality natural linen, each piece is lovingly characterised by a unique 'tie and dye' treatment resulting in an exquisite palette of colour and soft texture.                                               

Inhabit creates timeless classics and everyday essentials using the warmest, cosiest cashmeres and wools. Signature stitching forms its distinctive style. With an emphasis on fluidity and ease designs can be draped and layered. Inhabit is wearable and versatile, celebrating individual style.