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Made just as we prepare a family meal, these French tea towels give us a taste of yesterday. Screen printed vintage photography on 100% stone washed linen, these tea towels are entirely made in France with natural and sustainable materials. Made for your everyday life, meals, recipes and many other things…



The style of Mare Di Latte is chic, comfortable and astute. The pure and minimalist cuts are expressed in soft colors, refined prints while the materials carefully chosen to give the highest quality. Start the party in West Bengal in Mare Di Latte with a style that mixes these ancestral methods and a modern lifestyle.


Skandinavisk is a Copenhagen and Stockholm-based company that believes a burning candle is essential to the concept the Danes call hygge - a type of coziness that comes from creating warmth and togetherness amidst the region's cold winters and early sunsets. These clean, calming scents are meant to fill your home with this essential Scandinavian feeling.


It was a meeting with Françoise Caron, a superstar in the world of perfume, that launched this fantastic odyssey into aromatic cities and convinced Ivan Pericoli, Benoît Astier de Villatte and their associate Emilie Mazeaud to begin creating luxury perfumed products.

Thus, since 2008, beauty products, Colognes, incense and a whole collection of perfumed candles have been created, on the unique theme of an olfactory world tour. It’s quite a challenge: capturing the real or imagined perfume of iconic locations in candles made from the best raw materials. For example, the biting freshness of the stall of green herbs in Mantes-La-Jolie, the delectable breath of wild breath of wild jasmine in Algiers, the fragrance of lemon tree leaves mixed with the woody note of the great cedars in the garden of the Villa Medici, all of which are bestsellers.

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