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Everything you find at Manon bis has been personally selected for you from international collections of designer fashion, accessories, fragrance, homewares and antiques.


Humanoid’s identity is simple, yet unique, it's stylish, timeless and easy to wear. Each collection's unique, soft colours, fabrics and special details make the label Humanoid what it is and what it has been for over 30 years. A button or a zipper in an unexpected place? Ah, you’re wearing Humanoid!             


Today, there’s nothing that we love more than to conjure a multitude of tapas and small dishes and share them with family and friends. In answer to this new way of life and to meet these new needs, Merci has created a whole range of dishes, inspired by the famous ‘American Modern Dinnerware’ by Russel Wright and by the traditional Japanese ‘bento’. The collection designed as a puzzle of twelve elements that can be stacked or fitted together at wish.


In 1995 Saskia Havekes opened a small flower shop, Grandiflora, in Sydney’s Pott’s Point. Today, while the shop still flourishes its founder has an international reputation, not only as a florist but as an author, with her latest book Flower Addict revealing her spectacular world of floral creations. And now she adds to her creations the most sublime collection of eaux de parfum.

One of Europe’s great talents, Carolyn Quartermaine is a multidisciplinary artist with work in painting, interior design, textiles, styling and curation. There is such beauty in Carolyn’s work and style and her home truly reflects her art. Soft pastels and watercolors, beaded chandeliers, concrete and epoxy floors and rusty metals, and always this signature boho-chic style from the much-lauded designer.

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