Astier de Villatte
The founders of Astier de Villatte met at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris launching their iconic collection of objets d'art. With touches of floral embellishments, ornate shapes and striking graphics their ceramics will delight you. Visit Manon bis and you'll be captivated with exquisite and unique pieces to adorn your home.                              

Merci                                                                Today, there’s nothing that we love more than to conjure a multitude of tapas and small dishes and share them with family and friends. In answer to this new way of life and to meet these new needs, Merci has created a whole range of dishes, inspired by the famous ‘American Modern Dinnerware’ by Russel Wright and by the traditional Japanese ‘bento’. The collection designed as a puzzle of twelve elements that can be stacked or fitted together at wish.

Henry Dean
"It is because hands have made them that people always want to touch them..."            For almost 30 years Belgian glass designer Henry Dean has been creating inspirational glassware for collectors all around the world. Revel in his latest designs with vases, bowls and plates in vibrant colours, smokey greys and landscape greens. Each is a unique, handmade one-off art piece to treasure.

Maison Lévy
Landscapes and life - from Buenos Aires to Paris. The designs of French designer Geneviève Lévy and artists Haby & Nina Bonomo, now include more wonderful creations for your home. Discover our new lampshades, cushions, bespoke bedheads and more......                                                     

Manufacture de Digoin                        Founder Corinne Jordan Gros' revival of  the oldest pottery in the Loire Valley, restored the ovens and production facilities. Her mission is to approach traditional production in a creative and contemporary manner, introducing new colours and more refined shapes.     


Hand dyed velvet cushions
Reminiscent of cool autumn days and spring blossoms, each of these jewel-like cushions is a unique piece. Dyed outside, often on frosty cold days, the collection is created in an ever changing range of colours, with subtle washes or veins of colour created to provide variations within the collection. Woven in luxurious pure cotton velvet they take on a lovely aged feel in time.

Tsé & Tsé
The beautiful decorative accessories and objects by French designers Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois have a distinct industrial influence. Collaborating with craftspeople in and around France their unique designs capture the essence of industry with a quirky mix of materials and objects. Their April Vase is one of our hugest favourites.                                           

Private 0204
Made from 100% natural hemp collected throughout the Anatolian Plateau, these one-of-a-kind, vintage handmade rugs are the ultimate in understated luxury. Washed in the sea and dried by local artisans on the beaches of Anatolia they feature hand-sewn patches and subtle details. With their natural aged look and amazing feel they’ll lend a touch of luxury to your home.

Created out of just one material and one producer, always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent.
The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, colors and shapes.
Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it is the greatest. The company is rooted in love for quality and sustainability, with a mission to create rich and durable products with an extraordinary story.

Made by the hands of true artisans our newest collection of tableware has an unforgettable charm - rich in history and Mediterranean influence. Each piece will be treasured for years to come as you revel in the simple everyday rituals of dining with family and friends.

For over 90 years NasonMoretti has combined contemporary design with the timeless magic of Murano glass. In each signed and numbered piece you'll discover the hallmark of the master craftsmen of Italy. Designed in collaboration with well known Italian designer Stefano Marcato their latest collection is imbued with rich colours and innovative design.

Brickett Davda
Beautiful, simple collection of hand-made tableware. Inspired by a very English palette colours reflect the grey and blue tones of the British coast and countryside. Every piece is hand crafted, pressed by hand, resulting in a unique piece to cherish.
Jo Davda is well known for her collaborations with Ralph Lauren, Conran & Barneys NYC.


Hale Mercantile Co
Our heavenly range of pure linen bedlinen from the Hale Mercantile Co offers a wonderfully enchanting and relaxed colour palette. Lavished in culture, tradition and centuries of European craftsmanship, this truly exquisite range is grown, spun, yarn dyed and woven in Europe.


Loom Towels                                             Each towel is slowly woven by hand on old shuttle-looms in a family-run workshop in Turkey, keeping with traditional methods including hand-tied fringing and tassels. The intricate double-loop weave, which can only be achieved by hand-looming, lends extra absorbency and softness.

An exclusive fabric, a valuable yarn, a colour never yet tried – for Society this is the joy of exploration. The natural, imperfections of every piece of linen, tablecloth or bed sheet have unique colour shades marking them out from any other. This feature increases the scope to combine, mix and create different and unusual colour contrasts. It is Society that thought of them, but the creativity is left to you.

Danish design company Gubi is on a continual quest. A journey. Fuelled by their passion to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making, they’ve made a distinctive name for themselves in the international design arena as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with, no less so than with one of their most iconic products designed in 1947 – the Grässhoppa lamp.

Angel des Montagnes
Since 1995, the designers at Angel des Montagnes, have offered a lifestyle echoing the calm, inspiring heritage of mountain life. Wood, wool, linen, glass … all these noble materials are used traditionally with a modern twist.                                                


Each piece has a focus on singularity, on the beauty of unique items and is created with traditional artisan methods using looms based on original 19th century equipment. These manual processes and classic methods are the essence of this exquisite collection. Colourful, organic soft linens, cashmere throws and cushions to enrich your home.