Astier de Villatte
The founders of Astier de Villatte met at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris launching their iconic collection with an eclectic mix of objets d'art. Their colognes and candles are created under the direction of fragrance perfumer François Caron with an amazing blend of unique scents and their aromatic candles named after famous cities, take us on a journey around the world.

Laboratory Perfumes
These individual fragrances have been inspired by the British countryside and coastline. Although their notes echo the great outdoors and are created using only natural oils, Laboratory Perfumes adopt a scientific approach to their blending, hence their name.
Each fragrance has been formulated with a character that reacts to the wearer and evolves, from its application in the morning, through to the evening.

Capri, the Island of Dreams, has been an enchanting oasis since Roman times. Perched by the Amalfi coast, the beauty of its rugged landscape, crystal blue sea, wonderful climate and luxuriant vegetation all contribute to its legendary fame. Said to originate from a bouquet of wildflowers picked by a monk in 1380 on the island, Carthusia fragrances combine all these elements in one classic, legendary and world-famous brand.

Maison Carrée Parfumerie                   Maison Carrée's fragrances are born from the alchemy of Water, the Sun and the Land of Provence ... Each fragrance is inspired by the light and the beauty of the Provence and Mediterranean landscapes, its traditions, as well as our benevolent memories. Beyond its products, Maison Carrée Malenà tells first and foremost, a beautiful story ...

The exquisite Aesop with its range of superlative products for skin and body is committed to using the finest botanical ingredients. The amazing natural and fragrant aromas for which Aesop is renowned are an incidental treat.



Skandinavisk                               Skandinavisk is a Copenhagen and Stockholm-based company that believes a burning candle is essential to the concept the Danes call hygge - a type of coziness that comes from creating warmth and togetherness amidst the region's cold winters and early sunsets. These clean, calming scents are meant to fill your home with this essential Scandinavian feeling.

Maison Louis Marie
As a young girl, Marie du Petit Thouars grew up in Belgium making candles and experimenting with scents in her mother’s green house. With the creation of Maison Louis Marie, she has built upon the rich botanical history of her family with luxury candles and perfumes that focus on illustrious scents imbued with unique floral fragrances.