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Bird & Knoll is the meeting of a fashion mind and a creative eye. Season after season, the Bird & Knoll captures the hedonism and escapism of travel through their beautifully wearable and thoroughly versatile pieces. Each limited edition collection exhibits a kaleidoscope of colour and local flavour, which plays to a universal desire for adventure and wanderlust.


Beautiful, simple collection of hand-made tableware. Inspired by a very English palette colours reflect the grey and blue tones of the British coast and countryside. Every piece is hand crafted, pressed by hand, resulting in a unique piece to cherish.
Jo Davda is well known for her collaborations with Ralph Lauren, Conran & Barneys NYC.



These individual fragrances have been inspired by the British countryside and coastline. Although their notes echo the great outdoors and are created using only natural oils, Laboratory Perfumes adopt a scientific approach to their blending, hence their name.
Each fragrance has been formulated with a character that reacts to the wearer and evolves, from its application in the morning, through to the evening.

Wanderlust is the driving force and inspiration behind our newest addition to Manon bis,  Bird and Knoll. With a focus on luxury and quality fabrics and finishes, their thoughtful attention to detail and function create timeless and effortless pieces for any journey and any occasion – a tactile touching point between you and your adventures – pure escapism. 

Enjoy some armchair travel with the glorious scarves by Bird and Knoll 

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