Astier de Villatte - Naples Candle


Astier de Villatte - Naples Candle


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Produced in Paris by Astier de Villatte a company focused on creating beautiful romantic ceramics, paper and scented items inspired and faithful to 18th century traditional manufacturing. 

Naples Scented Candle 260g from the Astier de Villatte collection.

This scented candle evocatively captures the aromas of Naples. The tasty sensation of a slice of pastiera and an espresso. Delicious almond, orange blossom and ylang-ylang, lightened by a refreshing touch of petitgrain and neroli.


Notes of almond, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, petitgrain and neroli

100% natural, without paraffin, GMOs or petrochemical by-product

Glass container is hand-blown in Paris.

Burn time approximately 60 hours

Size: 260g

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