KristenseN Du Nord

We’re always over-the-moon when we receive a new KristenseN du Nord delivery. If you’re not too familiar with the label KristenseN du Nord is an amazing Danish-designed brand, hand-made in Italy. Their collection consists of simple cuts and elegant, timeless pieces, hand-made from silk, linen, cotton and cashmere in cool muted colours which can be combined with the new season KristenseN du Nord pieces year after year.

Each piece is hand-made in Italian workshops with perfectionism which inevitably limits production quantities and a garment by KristenseN du Nord is truly an exclusive piece of art and craftsmanship.

These are the pieces that you find in your closet one morning when hunting for just the "right" thing to wear, when you happen upon your favourite KristenseN Du Nord piece, and that moment of indecision is gone.

Dressed and ready!

Between The Natural And Artificial With Ugo Rondinone

In May 2016, a peculiarly colorful stone formation interrupted the stillness of the Nevada’s desert. Created by the artist Ugo Rondinone, ‘Seven Magic Mountains‘ is one of the largest land-based art installations in the US completed in over 40 years.

The installation consists of locally-sourced limestone boulders stacked in the groups and painted in fluorescent colors. Having been in the making for five years, the project continues Rondinone’s interest in natural phenomena and their relation to the human condition. Located ten miles south of the the city lights of Las Vegas, nearby legendary Jean Dry Lake, a place integral to the history of Land Art in the American West, it questions the borders between the organic and the artificial, reality and simulacra. It’s not the first time Rondinone has worked with stone as a prime material – the artist describes ‘Seven Magic Mountains’ as a direct reaction to his previous work, a series of colossal rock figures for the Rockefeller Centre in New York.

Feature documentary - Mimi Weddell

Hats Off is a feature-length documentary profiling the beauty and eccentricities of an extraordinary woman, 93-year-old actress Mimi Weddell named at age 90 one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in New York" by New York Magazine. With the style and grace of Katharine Hepburn, the smoky wit and wisdom of Dorothy Parker, and her own personal philosophy of "rise above it", Mimi was truly an iconic American original, rising above the mundane and difficult confines of her daily life to reach for the stars and fulfill her dreams.

Watch the trailer here.

Winter Hues at Manon bis

We're making the most of Winter in Melbourne. As the sun shines into our little Hawksburn store, we're just going to sit back and embrace this dreary grey weather. We can't help but share with you some of these black and white pieces we have in store at the moment. 

The Astier de Villatte Cheese Board is truly a highlight piece. What an amazing inventive way to share some cheese with friends ... a real talking point!

The Miller et Bertaux Réf. 015 813 perfume is made from 1,000 antique Turkish roses, Sicilian lemon, pear, heliotrope & fine jasmine petals. A fantastic scent for all year round!

The Astier de Villatte Villa Médicis Candle is truly an art piece! It was created in partnership with the French Academy in Rome and seeks to recreate the Mediterranean atmosphere and perfume of its gardens. Lemon tree leaf, lavender and oregano make for a relaxing cedar infused scent reminiscent of Summers in Italy. 

NOPI by Yotam Ottolenghi & Ramael Scully - the perfect Winter recipe book! If you haven't got a copy PLEASE do yourself a favour and pick one up. The recipes are all fantastic, delicious, and not too tricky. Invite some friends over and have a feast!

Winter Warmers Edit: Faliero Sarti

The scarf. Functional and fashionable, the scarf has always been a favourite staple piece for women and men, young and old! We just cannot leave the house without one thrown round our shoulders at the moment. Winter has really settled in the past couple of weeks in Melbourne, and we sure do know about it! 

Today we focus in on one of the greats, Faliero Sarti. Since 1949, Lanificio Faliero Sarti, located in Campi Bisenzio between Florence and Prato, has produced fine quality fabrics for haute couture and prêt-a-porter.


Each Faliero Sarti scarf is created from the most exquisite natural fibres – wool, angora, cashmere, silk and linen, woven together with time-honored traditions of love and exquisite craftsmanship. This season we've chosen to go bright yet elegant. With some beautiful combinations of silk, modal and cashmere, these spectacular pieces will become your Winter essentials, to be worn for years to come.

Winter Getaway

One week into Winter we couldn’t resist sharing with you Maison Kamari on the island of Paros in Greece.  Designed by Natasha Deliyianni and Yiorgos Spiridonos of React Architects this glorious getaway presents a seamless balance between ancient island and modern architecture. Who could resist!

As much as we love to embrace Melbourne’s Winter we’re a European-inspired store, and at the moment it's one week into Summer on the other side of the world. With lots of folk preparing to head off on holidays to the sun, we've everything you need for the perfect travel wardrobe. We're stocking seasonal pieces including light linen, cotton and silk dresses and gorgeous sandals - perfect for your European getaway.

Some of our favourite pieces at the moment are from the always amazing Humanoid. With every one of their collections being created with a sense of freedom these pieces offer a simple, relaxed elegance for your travels near and far. So pack your suitcase with the latest designs and be ready to make the most of your time away.


Humanoid at Manon bis

Humanoid - expressive, creative, authentic, but always functional and contemporary.

Dutch cult label Humanoid has remained faithful to its DNA since it first emerged in 1981, with founders Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens always choosing their own course. 

In the words of Sandra Harmsen, "the label can almost be likened to a wonderful person – a character with both feet firmly on the ground who feels comfortable in her own skin. She gets on with things but above all has a good time. Humanoid is about freedom, quality and the “here and now”. Every collection originates from our perception of freedom and the feel of the materials we choose; the way they drape, move and behave when treated and how they feel when caressing the skin. Every collection is a continuation of the previous one."

A large luxurious wrap scarf has come to symbolize the Humanoid feel. It’s been a staple in in every collection since the very start. 

The Humanoid style stems from their choice of materials - typically earthy, feminine, comfortable and contemporary. Using soft, lush fabrics such as fine wool, tactile cotton, crisp linen, soft poplin, suede and leather; quirky, natural fabrics which make their clothes come alive. Each garment and its chosen fabric are treated to achieve a unique look, using special washing techniques and dyeing methods such as garment dyes and cold dyes to create materials that often appear to be worn and washed. Their individual pieces benefit from layering – which in itself is integral to the distinctive Humanoid look.


Uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend, Humanoid is for women who love comfort and luxury. 

Women who are used to making their own decisions. 

Stylish people who make life special.

Manon bis Edit: The Polka Dot

From the days of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn polka dots have been a symbol of femininity (read: a bit girlie.)  As time went by they evolved thanks to designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons (bold pink) and the house of Balmain (bottom left.) In art some of the biggest names such as Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama gave dots a new vibe with their wildly popular multi-colour Spots paintings (bottom right) and red and white dot patterned works.

Source: Chinti and Parker / images Pinterest

Simple yet stylish, polka dots remain fun, lighthearted and carefree. We loved these beauties from Chiniti and Parker. Oversized and featured a pattern where one has playfully fallen out of the grid for a directional take on the traditional polka-dot print. Playful, feminine (but not quite girlie.)

Manon bis Edit: The Scarf

As the Summer sun begins to die down and the Autumn breeze catches up with us, we reach for those in-between outfits, not too warm but enough for comfort. The scarf has always had a place in every man and woman's wardrobe … take a look at the classic greats we have found sporting the scarf!

This season at Manon bis we're loving different colours and textures. From bright to tonal, silk to wool, we have an amazing selection for everyone.

At Manon bis

Inside the home of Sundry

The founder of Sundry Matthieu Leblan was brought up in the South of France in a family of textile manufacturers. His mother’s side of the family dealt with exquisite linens, whereas his father’s side specialised in cotton. His background was the foundation to what Sundry really stands for … classic pieces that are easy to wear and that are made with the finest quality of materials.

Sundry could be best described as ‘the South of France meets Venice, California’. The South of France being fantastic for the outdoors, easy access to beautiful mountains, as well as the beach. Whereas California has vast land and miles of perfect surfing conditions. Sundry’s creative director Matthieu Leblan moved to California for the love of surfing and the sea.

We were delighted by Indoek’s piece they did on Matt and couldn’t help but share his wonderful home with you. We love the feel of his little oasis in Venice.


We’ve had some exciting new arrivals this week … including some beautiful new season's pieces from Sundry. We’re looking forward to wearing them on these beautiful Autumn days!

Photography and interview by Mark Weismayr - Via the Indoek website.
Prouduct images provided by Sundry.

Admiring Linda Rodin

Growing up, Linda Rodin admired her late mother Beatrice, who never left the house without lipstick on … even if she was in the car, driving her kids to school. Linda seemed to have taken her mother's rituals and developed them into something very amazing.

You may have seen Linda around the traps in photoshoots with The Row, Karen Walker, Coach and J.Crew. The 67-year-old fashion stylist has an unforgettable day-to-day uniform of oversized sunglasses, tousled chignon and that beautiful lipstick all adding up to a unique style, that you could only really describe as … ‘Linda Rodin’.

Pictured below is the photo shoot she did with The Row. We really admire the beautiful and elegant clothing, paired with the wonderful Linda - they're a perfect match.

Linda Rodin

Photography supplied by The Row.

Hale Mercantile

We're so happy to be stocking these beautiful throws from Hale Mercantile Co. Their 'Crush Collection' linen throw is loosely woven in pure linen yarns to create a wonderfully soft feel. 

The throw works as a beautiful bed layering piece or the perfect accompaniment to a favourite chair and a good book.

Handcrafted in Europe.

Please see in-store, or call the shop for more details.

Just arrived ... Aiayu Scarves

Living in a city like Melbourne one has to be prepared for hail, rain or shine. This Summer we've taken it upon ourselves to stock some beautiful pieces that are helpful when the weather turns bad! These beautiful Aiayu scarves are a luxurious and delicate look.

The wool for this product is sheared in the highlands of Tibet and handspun by skilled hands in Nepal.

Material: 100%  cashmere

Astier de Villatte

Renowned for its milky-white glazed terracotta pottery, Astier de Villatte was founded nearly 20 years ago by Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte when they met at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris.

We can’t tell you how much we love visiting the rue Saint-Honoré boutique in Paris every time we're there. The creations they produce have such a historical feel to them.....the moulding, stamping, candle-pouring, packaging, glazing, firing, are all done within the city of Paris. It’s wonderful to see they are keeping the artisan process well and truly alive by sourcing everything within their very own city.

Once an object is finished the bottom of each piece is inscribed with the potter's initials.  The result can't help but be very French.

Their iconic collection of candles is created under the direction of fragrance perfumer François Caron; each candle is named after famous cities, taking us on a journey around the world…….

Watch the Astier de Villatte documentry on Vimeo.

Photos: Manon bis / Alun Callender for Home and Garden Magazine / Astier de Villate


Chinti and Parker

We’re thrilled to be sharing with you Chinti & Parker's new collection at Manon bis. We’ve carefully selected some pieces we’ll know that you’ll love, and can’t wait to be wearing them!

Founded in 2009 by cousins Anna Singh and Rachael Wood, Chinti and Parker has fast established itself as a leading British luxury ready-to-wear label, renowned for simple, wearable clothing that combines superlative craftsmanship with timeless style.

Using high quality natural materials alongside carefully considered cuts and clever detailing, garments evoke a sense of ease and confidence that allows you to simply get dressed and get on with it – clothes you can be yourself in. This balance of classicism and impeccable craft with subtle contemporary twists has won legions of steadfast fans.  

Advocates of a ‘buy better’ philosophy, the brand works tirelessly to reconcile great design and the very best materials with considerate, fair production. Garments are produced in factories carefully selected for their relevant expertise and upstanding credentials.


 Aiayu (pronounced Eye-aye-you) is a small Danish company devoted to creating sustainable knitwear, designed in Copenhagen and woven in the remote highlands of Bolivia. Their ethos is to explore, celebrate and preserve unique craftsmanship and extraordinary materials found around the world.

Meaning “ soul" in the native tongue of the indigenous people in Bolivia, the Aiayu name was carefully picked by the workers, making it even more special. 

Using a unique process with llama wool, designed for ultimate softness and durability, Aiayu's manufacturing process takes place 4,000 meters above sea level in El Alto, Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the world and a place from where only few international companies choose to source their manufactured products. This is the origin of the fleece, the weaving and the knitting expertise of the indigenous people of Bolivia.

Using stitches developed in collaboration with the women who knit and represent treasures from the old Bolivian knitting traditions, each piece is made out of the highest quality llama wool, and mostly using natural colour in lieu of dyes makes their products soft and luxurious to touch. Each garment can take up to 7 days to produce, even for the most skilled hand-knitter. Her initials are beautifully stitched into the garment, as a greeting to you from her. 

We feel very lucky to stock an extraordinary selection of hand-knitted pieces of Aiayu at Manon bis, all being works of art in their own right. 

In the words of Aiayu, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - please enjoy it with us.

A short talk with Brickett Davda

Brickett Davda

1. Tell us a little bit about your background? What made you want to create the brand Brickett Davda?
I studied fine art painting at college and had been painting for a few years before I felt I needed to make something that was more practical something that enhanced daily life in that way. I had been making lighting when my brother suggested using clay and so from many experiments and with no ceramic knowledge, what is now Brickett Davda began.

2. How would you describe Brickett Davda's aesthetic, and what influences it?
I think I would describe my works aesthetic as refined utility, I feel it is about pairing down a shape to its bare essentials then dressing it up in layers of colour. Anything beautifully worn by use influences the work plus the colours in everyday life.

3. Can you give us a little insight into your creative process? 
The process is all by hand from rolling and fitting the clay, painting the surfaces and finishing the edges. The moulds are handmade so each part of the process imparts it own incidentals, no piece is the same.

4. What does a typical day at work involve for you?
Everyday is different but mostly it's about bringing together all the elements of production from mixing colour to loading kilns, I have a great team to work with and a process rather like a commercial kitchen, so a daily look at how things are cooking and of course lots of cups of tea!

5. Which other designers, artists or creative people do you love at the moment?
My biggest inspiration at the moment comes from painters and sculptors like Antoni Tapies, Cy Twombly, Yannis Kounellis and Vivienne Westwood

6. Can you list for your top resources, across any media that you turn to when you’re in a need of a bolt of creative inspiration?
If in need of inspiration a trip to local junk shops usually does the trick.

7. How long does each piece take to make?
It takes around 10 days for each piece to go through the process, that includes drying time and 4 days spent in the kiln.

8. Do you have any favourite Brickett Davda pieces you use at home?
Usually I have all the misfits and experiments at home, but my favourite shape at the moment is the round platter I love serving it piled high with roast meat or fish and vegetables or for an Alice in Wonderland dinner for one!

Brickett Davda
Birckett Davda